Setup pfSense in pppoe transparant mode

  • Dear,

    At our headquarter, we have a fiber connection with 14 public ip address ( /28 IP block) where we have to setup a PPPoE connection to our ISP.
    We want to use this public ip-block which we received from our ISP directly on our servers who are connected behind the pfSense (version 32bits 2.1.3).
    So I will configure the pfSense in Transparant mode which will setup the PPPoE connection and will acting as a gateway for the devices who are directly connected to this devices and will use the public ips.

    An overview of my network layout:
    ISP ( / World ) -> (WAN) pfSense (PPPoE client and gateway for servers) (LAN) -> server1(public ip), server2(public ip), server3(public ip), …

    Could anyone explain me how I have to setup the pfSense so it will act as a transparant gateway?

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