Passing traffic trough ASA to pfSense

  • I want to pass SSH and FTP from behind my asa through to the pfsense opt1 interface and then on to a sever on the pfsense network.

    Ssh(–->ASA---->pfSense---> Web server

    I have the ability to ping the ASA from the pfsense and vice versa.

    Problem is when I pass ssh or ftp from behind my asa its getting dropped on the pfsense. On the opt1 interface I have a rule that says from any.any to pass to my server but still cant get it to work.

  • Is routing OK? Does pfSense know the way back to you behind the ASA?

  • I fixed it. I was a combination of a port change from 22 to another one and I missed the upstream gateway on Opt1 interface!

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