USB printer not properly detected after upgrading from stable to alpha

  • I already know the general consensus on running extra services on top of pfSense and would normally agree in standard uses but as a residential router replacement in my use, not too hard to improve on security to begin with here. :P

    But anyways, I had obviously initially installed the stable build on this box, eventually got everything all up and running and successfully got cups running and my printer recognized out of the box. /dev/usblp0 shared via cups as a raw spool and Windows client machines printing fine with the official driver for said printer.

    But it seems ever since doing an in-place upgrade to snapshots, the underlying OS is not properly picking up the printer. Cups is still functioning as it should aside from throwing an error about the printer not being found. Dug in and noticed no /dev/usblp0 or any remotely related device under /dev. usbconfig still registers the printer and all and no errors in dmesg upon unplugging/plugging back in.

    Any thoughts on where I can start? I'm kinda green to BSD in general. Normally a linux guy sufficiently enough to get my way around and know majority of the basics. But *BSD is just different enough to throw me off.

    Appreciate any help here. :)

  • It's likely that pfSense 2.2 does not ship with the ulpt loadable module or it's not built into the shipped kernel.  I don't see the module in my 2.2 machines.  In pfSense 2.1.x, you could generally load a module from a freeBSD 8.3 distro, but I don't know if that's still the case for pfSense 2.2 (with a FreeBSD 10.0 module, obviously).

    The 2.2 alpha feedback forum is a better place for this … just post over there and request the ulpt loadable module be included in the next build.

  • Sorry. Could have swore I posted this in the snapshot forum originally.

    Yeah. A missing module was my first thought but have not been able to wrap my head around yet how to deal with that stuff in FreeBSD. Looks like I'll have to do some more reading on it.

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