OpenBGP Default Route

  • Hello, we currently have a pfSense installation that connects to a Canadian MPLS provider. The PE router has a default route that they advertise across our MPLS which points to our pfSense server and from there we have a static default route to our ISP - works well. We now have a requirement to introduce a second MPLS provider for the US and they require us to use BGP. The pfSense box will merely provider L3 routing between MPLS providers.

    I have been working on a configuration and it generally works but I am having an issue with BGP (on startup) whereby it overrides the default route to our ISP with a default route to our Canadian provider.  Recovering from this amounts to logging in, deleting the default route that BGP has created and replace it with the static default route. While this works, it creates an operational challenge as the default routing will change if the BGP service is restarted or the pfSense server is rebooted (planned or unplanned) and all the offices will lose internet connectivity

    Is there a way to prevent this behaviour? We must retain the static route with our ISP - routing protocols aren't an option and google hasn't helped much.


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