Live IP monitoring tool

  • hi all,

    i was wondering as this is a must have tool to have in the business corporate world a live ip monitoring tool similar to the one in TMG, where you can select what ip address to monitor live and it will monitor traffic to/from that ip address and tell you what port is being blocked/allowed, what rule it comes under if theirs a rule associated with it, what external ip its going to etc etc

    i attach a screenshot to get an idea what i mean

  • Yes, but not nearly as pretty or concise.

    For allowed packets and current connections go to Diagnostics: States, enter the IP address, click filter. (To update, click filter again.)
    You can also get real time state monitoring at Diagnostics: pfTop.

    To see blocked packets go to Status: System Logs: Firewall, enter the IP, click filter. To update, click filter again.
    (To see which rule caused the block, click on the white/red X at the far left.)

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