• I am running a potential permanet solution

    pfsense to ddwrt ovpn

    Right now i have pfsense version 1.2 rc2  i have roadwarrior setup and running like a champ all the dns settings running great and i have a rule in the lan side so i can remote in to them to fix.

    now i am stepping up the ante–
    i have created a second opvn server site-site and i have it running to a virtual pfsense ( 3 miles away seperated by internet). i can ping from both sides to each other no problem via ip.
    when i try the dns name it times out.

    in the custom options i have included are
    push "dhcp-option DNS x.x.x.x";push "dhcp-option WINS x.x.x.x"  ( i have removed the real numbers for security sake)

    is there any thing that i am missing??
    this is kinda pissing me off due to the fact that i am only really running this tunnel for VOIP communications. and the logos for the phone will not load due to the DNS snafu.

    andi am only getting one sided communications if the remote phone gets a call it will not ring, but if it calls someone else Clear as a bell no problems. (go figure) I love computers ;D ;D ;D

  • any thing????

    am i the only one that has the problem?