Outbound NAT to show local traffic as second router's traffic

  • Hi,

    i am not even sure how to explain this so i am going to try my best in a very newbie way.

    basically we have a Juniper router which is connected to a private network,

    our PFbox need to connect connect to it and translate all the pfbox's lan traffic as Juniper's Lan traffic so that the remote networks on Juniper side allow access to resources,

    currently the Juniper's remote resources are blocking traffic from PF's Lan.

    so i made the following outbound NAT

    opt2 * * opt2 address * NO


    in theory i am trying to make the pf's lan traffic look like Juniper Lan traffic.

    but even with the above nat i cant get access to the juniper remote resources

    all assistance and recommendations are appreciated.!

    EDIT  opt2 is like second wan, i am using the wan as default gateway and opts for the juniper's network with static routes..

  • I am trying to picture out your scenario but I see it as - 2 different/segment network with resources being shared on both network.  is this right? then I recommend you to configure the juniper router to allow traffic from "net.work.of.pf/24" and configure pfsense to allow "net.work.of.juniper/24" be allowed.

    I hope this can help.

  • thanks for the reply, unfortunately i cannot touch the Juniper.

    however as far as i can see there is not issue with sharing between the local juniper and the pfsense..

    i am attached a diagram which i made in like 2 mins using my cell phone.. lol

    excuse the noobieness

    ![lame network.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/lame network.png)
    ![lame network.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/lame network.png_thumb)

  • that firewall which has no label, what is it running on?

  • Juniper too…

  • for server1, what is it running on? linux? what distro?

  • no idea, but some how if i access the same server 1 from the 10.170.2.X's address its green.

    so i am guessing its filtering my traffic somehow

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