OSPF / OSLR / MANET / adhoc-bridge conzept brainstorming

  • Hi folks,

    I am somehow experienced with pfsense in a SoHo, small enterprise network, but a kind of noob in extended routing protocols like OSPF, OSLR, …

    Currently, I am in charge of developing a concept for connecting several command vehicle during operations (public safety sector).

    The given situation:
    There are several command vehicles with their own local network. During operations there might be the case, that more then one vehicle will participate. (normally up to 5).
    Each of the vehicles has their own network infrastructure, including web access via 3G/4G and satellite connection.
    Du to the used software for incident command, there is a need to interconnect the single networks within the incident scene.
    Currently this is done by using a point-to-point wireless bridge, with the need of reconfiguring the whole network (including IP address allocations and so on) due to the lack of advanced routing.
    Neither, there are always the same command vehicles working together , nor the number of vehicles working together is always the same.
    There is also a plan for implementing PBX-Interconnection via IAX (Voip/SIP).

    My thoughts so far for these apron 30 command vehicles:

    • intelligent IP-Numbering for all command vehicle's LAN (unique)

    • Using a pfsense box in each command vehicle

    • Somehow (see below) creating a Area 0 Network (Backbone) for Interconnection

    • Using OSPF for advanced routing in Area 0

    • configuring multi-wan for each pfsense-box for webaccess/WAN failover (3G/4G/Sat)

    • configuring VPN (openVPN) in each pfsense box to connect to a central pfsense box over the internet, located in the main office of the organisation

    open/unknowing to me topics:

    for the area 0 network, there is no chance to define a "central connection point / master", so I guess i have to use wireless adhoc multipoint bridging, right? Any suggestions to (european) equipment I can use?

    It should be the possibility to have multiple option to interconnect the vehicles (wired connection if possible, wireless if in line-of-sight, using VPN to central office,…), depending on local circumstances and for fail-over.

    I would greatly appreciate if you share your thoughts with me.

    thanks in advance

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