Clients associated to Repeater Bridge with no routing service

  • So, I will try and make this short and sweet. Clients that join AP's connected to the main wifi router can't load webpages or access beyond the wifi router itself.

    I have been working through the war of getting multiple XBoxes to connect to XBox Live and I have managed to get it working to the point where they do and they both get Open NAT while connected, using wired networking.

    However, I need it to be wireless. Any device that acts as a pass-through to the LAN from WLAN fails to get beyond the router.

    Here is my set up:

    Pfsense 2.1

    WAN - DHCP to Comcast, I am getting both IPv4 and IPv6 Service addresses
    LAN - Static 192.168.x.8 -

    • Serves DHCP 192.168.x.120-145

    • DNS Forwarder

    • Snort is running

    • LAN traffic is running fine

    • UPNP is working beautifully (for now)

    The LAN NIC is connected to a switch, which the AP is plugged into.

    Wifi - Static 192.168.x.1 - WZR-600DHP running DD-WRT v24SP2-MULTI (11/04/12) std - build 20180 (Latest flash of Buffalo's version of DD-WRT )

    • DHCP is off

    • Unit is set as router, not gateway

    • DHCP Forwarding to 192.168.x.8

    • Routing turned off

    • Wired/connected to GB Switch via LAN port. All services work correctly for directly associated clients.

    When using a gaming adapter (TEW-647 GA) connected to my laptop, I can not get out of the router. I get correct DHCP, DNS servers and gateway address, but it won't actually connect to anything beyond the WIFI router it's connected to. Same thing happens when I boot up a repeater bridge (E3000 DDWRT). Anything I plug into it won't get beyond the router.

    It's take a couple of weeks, but I've got everything working down to this. Help?

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