Pinging openvpn endpoints

  • Hello,

    dsl<===>pfsense redbox<===->fedora 20

    I have connected to a commercial vpn.
    I can ping the only lan-side host.
    I can ping over the dsl modem.

    System:gateways goes from 2 green entries
    to openvpn being shown with the CORRECT
    gateway address but IN RED. (see attachment img 1)

    ifconfig reports ovpnc1 with '10.200.5.x->10.200.5.x'
    Yes DUPLICATE addresses of the distant endpoint.

    Yes, ICMP ping messages are enabled in firewall:rules
    see attachments.

    How can I make ovpnc1's addresses ping able?

    I have some pictures but They seem to be blocking
    the post from working (message too big Hint<4meg).
    Thanks in advance,


  • Is the vpn gateway in the same subnet as the vpn tunnel?
    Your vpn address is 10.200.5.x, but in the route command you used These would be different subnets.

    What is your OPT1 interface? You have used the LAN address in rules there, but this is the address on LAN interface and will have no effect in these rules.

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