Autodetect NIC does not work for Intel Quad 1000/PT network card

  • In the first run, I tried to figure out which NIC belongs to which device name.

    While installation, I typed a for autodetect and then installed a cable.

    Then, pfSense printed out em4 link up. (which is the correct port what I found out later)
    Then I pressed return for autodect and the autodetect reported em3 (which is wrong).

    When I removed the Ethernet Cable, pfSense printed: em4 link down.

    I repeated this down to em1 which was still on the same Intel card and reported as em0.

    Then I plugged in a cable into the motherboard onboard NIC which is em0 correctly, autoconnect
    reports this as usbbus0

    I don't know what this is for. I don't have any USB NIC, only a keyboard on the usb port.

    This is no problem for me as I know now the device names.
    Perhaps you want to fix the detection routine.

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