Draytek Vigor 2960 and pfSense, combining with CARP, possible?

  • I´m planning to buy Draytek Vigor 2960 since it has CARP. It´s really expensive piece of equipment tho (because of that I would not want to buy two of them, and because I love pfSense, I would use it as primary gateway and Draytek as backup).

    I asked Draytek opinion could I use CAPR with some other manufacturer routers. In this case, I would like to use 2960 and pfSense together, pfSense as master CARP. Draytek´s opinion was that CARP will function only with other 2960.

    Has anyone ever tried to combine pfSense and some other manufacturer routers with CARP? Is this even possible?

    How standard is CARP protocol? Should it function properly with any manufacturer router (with CARP protocol)? Or could all manufacturer modify protocol for their needs, to make it non compatible?

    Is there any way to modify data frame/CARP message in pfSense, to make it compatible?

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