Yet another "Default deny rule IPv4" post

  • i cant seem to get pfsense to allow remote admin.
    http https 8080 whatever i try, the firewall log says that the rule prevented this connection is "Default deny rule IPv4"..

    ive tried searching though pfsense forms, and google, my last resort is to post..

  • i set the NAT rule, it auto creates a firewall rule.

    THERE has to be something i missed..

    please help

  • it was traffic shaper !!!

  • I use traffic shaper and mine works perfectly. Does your pfsense box use port 8080 internally? If not then I usually use a something like nat port 8080 on wan interface to 80 or 443 (what ever your using) to (or what ever the IP of your PfSense box is). I would recommend that you don't use port 8080 for management since every consumer grade router does. Even if you have a strong password, you probably don't want hackers banging on your firewall.

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