• Hello everybody,

    I'm using pFsense 2.0.1 on an AMD 64 based pc. There I have 4 Nic, one for wan, one for lan, one for wlan and another one for testing. So this is what I tried to do:

    1. Using VLC I started a multicast streaming using port with TTL 10 on my LAN which is

    2. I configured the SWITCH Cisco 2950 to allow multicast on every vlan (I just have 3 vlans: the lan, the wlan and the testing one). So after that I can receive the streaming on any PC connected to the LAN.

    3. I configured pFsense IGMP proxy to use the LAN network as an upstream side allowing network to stream and setted thershold to 10. Then I added the downstream side with thershold setted to ten and address setted to my testing one: Also I add a rule on testing lan's firewall to allow any traffic to pass to the network using an advance option that allow packets with IP options to pass.

    4. I connected my laptop to the testing network and used VLC to receive the streaming. I pointed it to udp://@ but nothing happened.

    Then my question would be what should I do in order to pass the multicast streaming from one network to another.

    Thank you on advance :D

    BTW; I'm from Peru so my English may be not so good. Sorry about that, it will get better :D.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Why such an old version?

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