VLANs cause webGUI 503

  • I'm getting a 503 while accessing the webConfigurator when both LAN & WAN are VLANs on a single interface.

    If I configure the WAN vlan only then I can access the gui just fine…

    pfSense is running within a KVM VM with virtIO NIC bound to openvswitch trunk - all VLANs are tagged.
    My openvswitch config is correct and I have no issues communicating with other VM.

    Anyone have ideas what's causing this?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Misconfiguration of your vlans.

  • Sounds like there is a wall of fire preventing your getting to the WebGUI.

  • Hey Guys (and Gals?),

    I appreciate the feedback, but…

    VLANs are OSI layer 2 and firewalls operate at layer 3 - HTTP operates at layer 7...

    The 503 response received from the HTTP server indicates both layer 2 and 3 are functional.

    That said...

    I just reinstalled from the latest ISO and everything is working as expected.

    I'll chalk it up to cruft in my pfSense config, lol :-)

    Admins - please feel free to delete!

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