Connection and bandwidth rate limiting.

  • I am trying to understand if the following is possible.
    The goal is to have a group of ip addresses "Alias" that is both bandwidth and connection limited as a group, and not per host inside of the "alias"

    I have already done the following:

    1. create a group of ip addresses using "Alias"
    2. create a traffic shaper policy limiting bandwith to X amount.
    3. create a firewall rule matching the "Alias" as a source and applying inbound traffic shaper policy.

    Does the firewall rule limit the bandwidth in total for the alias group, or does it allow each source ip within the Alias to have X bandwidth?

    Additionally in the advanced features is there a way to set "maximum number of established connections" on a per alias basis instead of per host?
    Same with "maximum new connections/ per second(s)"?

    Thanks for your help,


  • Hello, Did you get answer ?

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