Get Internet through WAN and VLAN

  • Hello to all! Sorry for the question but i am total noob about VLANs.

    I work in one firm and they use a very old version of FreeBSD on a router. Now we need to change it and think to use PFsense of course.

    So the ISP provides us Internet via VLAN. I know the ID tag of VLAN, know the their IP address (from their side, my IP too The network is  What i need to do. How to configure the WAN port.

    Thank You for any help!

  • Interface->WAN :
    Set Type to : "Static IP"
    Put your WAN IP and Mask : "" "/24"

    Put the Upstream Gateway : click "add a new one"
      Default : Checked
      GW Name : WANGW (or whatever else)
      GW IPV4 :
      Description : What.ever
    SAVE GW.

    You can check "Block private and bogon nets" if you are sure that you will only go on the Internet with this link. Don't check if there are local services being used.

    Go to Firewall -> Rules, click your LAN tab, and make sure you let pass the trafic.

    think it's all.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If they send the traffic to you tagged, you need to create a VLAN on the interface you're using for WAN.

    For this I am going to act like your WAN interface is em1 and the VLAN tag is 100:


    Click the + to add a VLAN

    Parent Interface: em1
    VLAN Tag: 100
    Description: Tagged WAN


    Back into Interfaces->Assign

    Change WAN to Network port: em1_vlan100 ETA: it'll show in the pulldown as "VLAN 100 on em1 (Tagged WAN)"

    Save and you're done.

  • Thank you all for Answers!

    But may be no need to use VLANs at all. Get the config file form the old GW and don't see any VLAN configurations there. May be ISP admins think that they have active VLAN.

    First Ill tray IP configuration without VLAN.

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