Assigning Virtual NICs, Hyper-V Pfsense 2.2 Alpha

  • Newb here.

    I have virtualized Pfsense 2.2 Alpha without any problems but I'm not sure how to configure the NICs to access web configurator. The host machine is currently on the lan port of a dedicated hardware pfsense 2.1 build. I don't want to switch over until I have VM mostly setup.

    I set 2 virtual NICs, 1 external and 1 internal. With the internal NIC, how do I connect to webconfigurator? Even yesterday when I disconnected the host machine from all other networks except the WAN to the external, I was still not able to access the webconfigurator via web browser. The lan for the VM pfsense was set to but no response when I tried in browser.

  • I will paypal someone for the answer to this.

  • Do you have virtual switch in hyper-v?

    You have to assign static address in virtualPfSense, within same network, your LAN is configured.




    If you want more specifig answer you have to describe you network more specific (vlans etc).

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