Set maximum login attempts HTTPs admin

  • Good day.

    In order to increase the Firewall security: is it possible?

    Or otherwise establish a time limit?

    Note: Not over ssh that We always purposely disable.

    Thanks a lot for your value ideas and help .

    Luis F Morales Z.

  • @comsis:

    Or otherwise establish a time limit?

    SYSTEM/USER MANAGER/SETTINGS    To change the amount of time that goes by before the session expires.

    For incorrect logins I don't know of a way but then again I've never tested it. There could very well be a trigger in there. You would think that there should be especially if your business network runs off of Pfsense. A disgruntled employee could have a lot of fun in my opinion if he or she has the know how.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The system tracks failed logins and if there are two many (I believe it's 15 in 5 minutes) then it blocks the offending IP for a couple hours to discourage brute force attacks.

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