Pfsense shell not complete or wrong? csh? shell not working as expected

  • Hi Developer,

    is here the right place to ask a question about shell?
    What shell is pfsense using?

    I wrote a simple script but there is no equal operator.
    Operators tested: == | = | -eq
    All things I found that its a csh shell but nor reacting as one.
    Is there a possibility to install another shell or what am I doing wrong?

    [2.1.4-RELEASE][]/tmp(44): ./
    + vnstat -u
    + date +%H
    + LASTHOUR=18
    + vnstat -h
    + tail -n 3
    + awk '-F ' '{ print $7 }'
    + grep -w 18
    + [ -eq 18 ]
    [: -eq: unexpected operator
    + exit

  • plz delete. fixed.
    was my fault of course in the code before.

    sorry for disturbing.


  • Netgate Administrator

    It's tcsh in case you haven't found that by now.


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