Running an open vpn tunnel inside another vpn tunnel?

  • Im a newbie to pfsense and pvpn tunnels.

    But my pfsense firewall is connecting to internet thru the only available default tunnel that PrivateInternetAccess provides for pfsense openvpn, wich is blowfish, and my main computer is connecting  with aes256 in a second tunnel that is going through the first blowfish tunnel.

    Is there any practical use to do this if you want maximal personal integrity to use a vpn tunnel inside another vpn tunnel?

  • Well - Its definitely a good way to increase your latency (-:

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'd burn more CPU, be forced to deal with a much lower MTU, and genereally have more overhead, but there isn't any technical reason why that wouldn't work if the traffic is allowed across the 'outer' tunnel. Definitely need to use UDP tunnels, I can't imagine the nightmare you'd have from TCP retransmissions and compounded loss using nested TCP VPN tunnels…

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