Gateways Monitor

  • Gateways are monitored using ICMP to detect latency. and Weights are defined too.
    i think if traffic beeing sent to a gateway led by another method it will be more effective in my case.
    letus say i have 3 ADSL lines. 2MB, 4MB and another 4MB
    1st one i cannot get more than 1.7MB and the second and 3rd no more than 3.5MB,
    what about telling the monitor that your maximum bandwidth is 1.7, and when throughput comes to xx% gateway mark as busy or full.
    that can work with the existing method by choosing either this or that.
    i dont know if i put my suggestion in the right place so i hope it finds it's way.

    the reason made me think of that, thats some ISPs block ICMP ping on their gateways. and so monitor is not much effective unless in gateway down alarm.

    thaks for your time and effort

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