Reverse NAT

  • First, let me say that I'm not sure if "reverse NAT" is the correct description for what I want to do (I wasn't sure what that's called). Basically, I block outgoing SSH access on my LAN. So if a user wants to SSH to a server on port 22, the firewall blocks the connection. What I'd like to do is set up a firewall rule that would redirect a specific port (let's say 10000) to port 22. So that if I were to try to ssh to <remote server="" ip="">:10000, the firewall would automatically redirect me to <remote server="" ip="">:22. Is that possible to do?</remote></remote>

  • Its called port redirect and you can set it up the same way you would setup a normal port forward but making sure the destination port is 10000 and the redirect port is 22.

    destination port range = 10000

    redirection = ip.address
    redirection port = 22

  • So in the destination IP (where I would normally enter the LAN IP address), I should enter the remote SSH server's IP? I assume that if I need to connect to multiple SSH servers, I would just create an alias with the lists of IPs?

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