Multiwan and static ips

  • Hello everyone I have the following problem …

    I have configured 2 wan (adsl 7mb) in pfsense with load balancing and so far so good ... (torrent, firefox with downthemall, etc. ..)

    Some software like jdownloader  do not work with premium account because the calls are obviously made ​​with different ip (round robin).

    Now I wonder: there is' a way to solve the problem? (I also have 2 premium account but the software will not let me associate the static ip)

    Jdownloader allows the use of a proxy direct connection ...  can I create a virtual ip or something like that to make sure that that instance of jdownloader always call  only the same static ip (I think bypassing the load balancing)?

    In that way, with two instances of the sw, I could still download the files at the same time ... or not?

    best regards

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