Brand new 2.15 Install - Link Created - No Pings

  • Hi all, I am really struggling to get anything working on pfSense for not only IPSEC and openVPN, will post a seperate query in the respective forum.

    I have multiple sites that are currently functioning using an old Endian 2.51 Firewall, with various IPSEC clients (Linksys BEFS41, other Endian Firewalls, IPcop instances). For obvious reasons I wanted to move to use the pfSense distribution. I can recreate my tunnels without issue using a variety of P1 and P2 settings, and on both sides they claim successful connection.

    The problem exists is that I am unable to ping or access any of the remote resources from either side. I have tried from the pfsense gateway itself, the remote efw gateway, and clients on either LAN.

    Both sites are use Static Public IPs for WAN, and behind utilize a 192.168.x./24 subnet.

    Any possible hints on what I may be missing on a brand new install (I Previously configured the unit in a VM and then migrated it to a live machine before it arrived, with same results, so opted for a brand new install seeing same results).

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