Wireless wan -> pfsense -> consumer router

  • well im not sure what to call the setup im going for… i guess a wireless bridge maybe? basically the isp provides a dsl modem / wireless router combo and what i'd like to do is treat a connection to the modem as the wan for the pfsense setup and then redistribute the connection over a standard wireless router for the guest house.

    (modem/router) --->  (pfsense box w/ wireless card connected to the modem as a wireless client) ---> (wireless router)
            |                                                                                                                                            |
      (local net)                                                                                                                              (guest net)

    the wireless router in the guest house will be set as an access point and essentially lease ips from the pfsense box... i'd like the pfsense box to be able to port forward.
    this of course will require the settings to be made on the modem as well as the pfsense box.

    any help/advice is appreciated :D

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