Squid reverse proxy - redirect subdirectories

  • All,

    Thanks for all the hard work.  I'm a big fan of pfsense.

    Despite many hours of searching I'm having a problem with squid reverse proxy.

    I am trying to redirect a url  mydomain.com/mydirectory  to an internal server

    The problem is  there are icons which exist in

    Initially I tried a mapping.  I made the URI to match  .mydomain.com .mydomain.com/mydirectory
    www.mydomain.com http://www.mydomain.com/ ^http://www.mydomain.com/mydirectory/.*$

    I don't fully understand the syntax of the regex.

    My problem - any subdirectory of mydirectory  such as www.mydomain.com/icons/icon.gif  gets translated to

    So I removed the mapping and tried a redirect.

    blocked domain (unsure why it's called that)  www.mydomain.com
    regex - I tried both ^/$  and ^/mydirectory/$
    redirect -

    This has the same result..    www.mydomain.com/icons/icon.gif  gets translated to

    any help would be appreciated.


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