Local logging not working

  • Hi pfsense community,

    i have an issue with my pfsense firewall and i don't know if this is a general bug, or if this is a problem concerning just my installation. After setting up a local syslog-ng server i configured pfsense for remote logging. This works perfect and the syslog-ng server is getting firewall log events. But after reboot the local firewall log (/var/log/filter.log) is not beeing updated with new events. Thus in the web interface i see no firewall events. The syslog-ng log however continues to work as it should.

    After some trial and error i performed the following fix. I addedsleep(5);to /etc/inc/filter.inc just before```
    $tcpdump_cmd = "tcpdump -s 256 -v -S -l -n -e -ttt -i pflog0";

    Is this a common bug?

  • Never personally had a problem with logging coming back after a reboot. I'm using rsyslog though, maybe it's not pfsense's fault, but syslog-ng's?

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