No firewalling on GRE tunnel

  • I have a GRE tunnel over IPSEC running on of my pfsense's
    The tunnel is working fine, but I'm not able to block traffic on this tunnel.
    When I ping a server from a network of pfsense 1 located on a network of pfsense 2 I get a reply.
    When I do a packet log on the GRE interface I see the ping request and reply, so that's working.
    But when I want to block this traffic, nothing happened.
    I setup a block any to any on the GRE interface (protocol any), but still I get an ping reply.
    I have setup a floating firewall rule where I block any to any (direction any) on the GRE interface together with a block any to any on the GRE interface. but still I get a ping reply.
    What's going on here? Is there something I did wrong? Is this a bug?

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