Pfsense 2.1.5 menu issues with "gold" item

  • hello , everyone , i have just updated my firewall watchguard with new 2.1.5 firmware , and i notice that the new firmware now arrives with a new item on the web menu .
    It is called "Gold" , for users that want comercial support .
    I was checking here on the forum , and i saw someone pointing to a github solution on the php script to remove the "gold" item from menu , and drop it on the menu help .

    I made the changes and now i get the gold item on the same place , but is not working .

    and to complicate more the situation i can not open system options on web interface (like before changing the php sript).
    and i get this error when i pass over "gold" item :
    "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/www/ on line 77"

    i dont want to buy a new monitor with more high resolution to fix this .
    Anyone have an idea how to fix this ?


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    Have you searched the forum for a solution? Change the font to Tahoma and it works.

    Try CTRL + F5 and delete all temp internet files including cached CSS files.

  • lol , you are right about the font size .
    I don`t know why i did not remind myself of that !!!
    the gold item still have the same error , but i am not worried about it because my firewall is installed in my personal system , and since this here is not a company or a corporation then there is no need for 24h/7 support .
    thanks for the tip ;)