Host aliases - deletions persist in table

  • Hi all,

    When a FQDN is deleted from a host alias, the "Diagnostics: Tables" page still displays the IP addresses of the deleted FQDNs. They also appear from the command line when I look at tables using pfctl -t <alias>-T show.

    I'm using this alias in conjunction with a rule to block internet traffic for certain hosts. The internet traffic remains blocked until I use the "Diagnostics: Tables" page to delete the IP address from the table.

    Is this normal behaviour?</alias>

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The resolution is decoupled from the GUI actions, since the resolution is handled by a daemon. Thus, the GUI does not know the current IP to remove it from the table. It's not a simple one to fix, there isn't really a good way aside from dumping the entire table on reload which would cause other problems.

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