OpenVPN and iOS?

  • I updated my pfSense box to 2.15 and have a new iPhone 6.  When I exported the config, it doesn't seem to work.

    I deleted the whole CA, OpenVPN setup, user and FW rules and start over….twice.  It still doesn't connect.

    Is something borked in OpenVPN on 2.15, or are there good instructions somewhere on how to set it up?

  • its very simple install the openvpn on your iphone,
    send the configuration files to your emails and import them to your iphone,
    works for me fne, managing my Vmware host from my iphone !

  • return the iphone 6…buy android, problem solved  ::)

    Jamerson advice is dead on. It works fine for me, 2.1.5 with a 4s

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