Problems accessing (i.e. hotmail/outlook)

  • Hi all,

    I've been going insane trying to figure out why connections (http/https) are being blocked, but only when trying to access hotmail.
    I have a pfsense setup as a transparent firewall.
    There are no host specific rules.
    The firewall is mostly for prioritising traffic, so a legacy cisco router is attached to the wan interface and handles NAT & VPN duties.
    All other http/https traffic seems to work.
    The connection is blocked at the syn/ack response from (131.253.61.*).
    Performing packet capture shows syn packets going out and syn/ack packets coming back (visible on wlan (xl0) and bridged interface).
    Packet capture shows no sign of the syn/ack packets on the lan interface.

    State entries exist, but to my mind seem to be getting ignored. i.e.

    bge0 tcp <-      CLOSED:SYN_SENT
    bridge0 tcp ->      ESTABLISHED:SYN_SENT
    bge0 tcp <-      CLOSED:SYN_SENT
    bridge0 tcp ->      ESTABLISHED:SYN_SENT

    bge0 is the lan interface.
    xl0 is the wan interface.

    Any ideas would be of help,  I haven't added any rules or more details, since all other sites appear to work, so I don't believe its a rule/routing/etc problem.



  • I am having the same problem.  In this case to with to use microsoft volume licencing. I hope there is a solution.

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