How many configuration history does pfsense stores?

  • Hi There,

    Unfortunately, I've ran into a situation where I had to shutdown the servers immediately  & the shutdown of pfsense wasn't proper. It was a hard power off from the hardware itself. I'm suspecting that, since then pfsense started acting weird where non of my configurations were not saving properly.

    Now, coming back to the point I would like to restore a configuration where pfsense was properly functioning. My bad luck, without noticing it; I had did quiet a few changes and now all I can see is today's date under "Confi History". Is there a way where I can see old configs?

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    It depends on the type of install.

    On a full install, it keeps 30. On NanoBSD it keeps 5.

    On pfSense 2.2 and later you will be able to manually configure the number to keep, but the above numbers are the default values.

  • Why I asked is because, for some reason pfsense is acting weird. It started blocking send/receive without changing any of the proxy configuration. Further, it blocked the usual http connection on 80 port whereas proxy users are on 3128.

    The configurations that I have edited aren't even been applied though it is saved. I'm suspecting that may be due to the unexpected shutdown. It didn't even after replacing an old back up of it.

    What could be the reason

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