Ftp timeouts and closed sessions

  • Hi.
    We use ftp for updating our customers own software. We send to the client a list of a lot of small files *.zip for download. Before pfsense, I had a linux box with iptables and works fine for years.
    Now, with psense I have a lot of problems. When are more than 5 or 6 connections at the same time, the ftp transferences become stalled and the logs mark tiomeouts and transfer aborts.
    I tryed using the debug.pfftpproxy in both modes: enabled and disabled. I tryed NAT for the passive port range of the FTP server  and creating inbound rules in firewall of that passive port range, and always with the same results. I run pfsense on a VM over esx.
    Any idea?

  • I ended up setting my FTP server (Filezilla) to use a custom passive port range (30000-30100), then I port-forwarded that range plus 20 and 21.  I haven't had any problems, but then I don't usually have lots of people on at the same time.

  • Hello. I solved the problem.
    I thought I disabled FTP proxy handler mp, but not really disable this option correctly. Now I am sure that the FTP proxy controller is off, my ftp are working perfectly again.
    Thank you

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