Linking 2 Different LAN, using 2 PFSense Router

  • Hi There!!

    I am trying to link 2 different LAN, each one of them in different buildings, using an Optical Fiber link; PFSense v2.1 in one side and v2.1.4 in the other one. In both sides I have one opt port dedicated to make the link.

    I have tried to make this assigning fixed IPs for each side but with no success. Then, I enabled the DHCP in one side and could reach the other side with an auto assigned IP but, when I tried to reach the LANs outside the router, had no success.

    I am using VLANs in both sides; in the 2.1 side the IP Ranges is 172.16.2.X to 172.16.20.X and in the 2.1.4 side the ranges are 172.31.2.X to 172.31.10.X and, for the link I used a 192.168.1.X IP range, in order to differentiate it of the VLANs.

    Does any one can help me with this issue? It would be very appreciated.


  • Ok, I got it. Thanks anyway.

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