Alix WRAP -> Package

  • Hi there.. got my ALIX WRAP from PcEngines running - great stuff… 10minutes and it worked (if you read useful threads in this forum first) hehe..

    now i desperately miss the "States NEW" that was available under the normal Version - in the embedded image it is not included. i know - the packages are not installable via WebGUI for embedded version of pfsense - but.. you know ;)

    does anybody have a trick how i could get the Package running?

    thanks for hints...

  • i heard that if you use a microdrive they like to work and then you can use the full install version that i have been told

  • One of the devs tried a microdrive with the alix. There seems to be some size limitation caused by the bios so if you have a microdrive and it doesn't boot try lowering the partition size on it.

  • I'm using a 4gb Microdrive with my ALIX 2c3.  No issues with it.  Though I am concerned what will happen when I try to upgrade the Alix

  • I had a Hitachi Microdrive,(the retail ones, not stolen from a ipod mini) It works perfect with all default settings choosing the embedded kernel and grub as the boot method during install, I updated from the nightly snapshots daily with no problems.

  • I am very interested in this to but I was looking at the Alix 3C2 because that has 256MB of RAM. I would be very interested to know what sort a though put you can get with this down an IPSEC tunnel. I like to run snort etc so that is prob smallest M/B.

    I was looking at the Jetway boards but they do put the prie up by alot.

    Anyone tested the alix with snort and VPN tunnel?

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