Trying to SSH from work to Home PfSense Box

  • I am trying to SSH from my work network to my home network.
    In my firewall logs i can see the following

    TIME                    IF            RULE                            SOURCE                    DESTINATION          PROTO

    Nov 10 15:28:35 WAN Default deny rule IPv4 (@5)   XXX.95.XX.92:33006   XXX.156.XX.85:22   TCP:S

    And i am getting this error :
    @5 block drop in log inet all label "Default deny rule IPv4"

    I have no default deny rules that i am aware of, can anyone guide me to what i am missing ?

  • There is a hidden Default Deny rule that is last in the list of rules.  Anything that isn't explicitly allowed will be blocked by that rule.

    Did you create a port forward rule for our SSH server?

  • i was being an idiot, i click on a green button called EASY RULES that had my work ip and destination ip and this then allowed the traffic

    I can say its good that the default deny is in place as i am getting alot of poking around on my WAN ….

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