Names in Rules and logs etc

  • In my Firewall rules i have stuff like xx.xx.0.0/16

    and some IP's for things.

    The destination ALIAS will allow me to have named things in there like PC1 NAS TV etc…

    But i cant seem to have names for SOURCE IP's ... am i missing something

    Like my work IP, i would like to say MY WORK rather than the IP....

    Also in the Firewall logs, can it say my ISP instead of the IP address....

    Am i missing something ?

  • I use Aliases for Source IPs.  What's the problem?

  • i have aliases setup for source IP's but in my port forwarding and firewall logs etc

    they show up as the source IP and not as the alias i have setup

    It seems to be ok for internal address's but i would like to have it see that that external source ip xx.xx.xx.x.. is actually "My Work Gateway" hitting my firewall

    ![Untitled picture.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled picture.png_thumb)
    ![Untitled picture.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled picture.png)
    ![Untitled picture2.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled picture2.png)
    ![Untitled picture2.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Untitled picture2.png_thumb)

  • You can use aliases for your port-forward Source.  If you create the port-forward and refer to your alias, it will appear in the rule list.

  • thanks i was being a knob then :)

    lol cheers all resolved now

  • actually in the firewall logs …...

    it still says Source and then the IP even though that IP range falls under an ALIAS range.....

    Have i missed something else ?

  • Firewall logs don't use the aliases as far as I know.

  • thats a shame, it would save me a lot of time when i can quickly look at the logs and say hey, why is my work network hitting that port on my firewall ?

    Is there a section we can request a feature to add alias look up in the firewall logs?

  • The best you can manage so far is to look at your Firewall log and click the small blue info circle next to each IP address.  That will do a resolve on the spot, but only for that one entry.

    You've already managed to find the Feedback forum, and I don't know of another place for feature suggestions.

  • The logs show what rule matched, and you want to see the specific source IP, you don't want the alias name there. You can tell from the rule it shows which alias it hit. There is reverse DNS lookup support there as well.

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