Now rebooting daily

  • pfsense has been periodically stopping passing traffic.  All interfaces show as up, and I can log in.  But no traffic passes (can't ping from pfsense either).  A reboot fixes things.  This has now become a daily thing, essentially every 24 hours or so.  I have ruled out my cable modem; its staying connected to my ISP with no problems.

    What logs should I be looking at to determine what is going on?  I am "this close" to simply restoring factory defaults and rebuilding all of my configs.  Which would be a huge pain.


  • The general System log is the first place to look.  btw you can backup your config (Diagnostics - Backup/Restore), reinstall from scratch and restore in under 15 minutes or so.

  • Thanks.  But I've got two VPNs configured and these issues cropped up after the second one got set up.  I did a factory restore/restore config a week ago and the issues began.

  • What type of WAN? Static, DHCP?

  • DHCP through my ISP

  • When it's not working, do you have an IP on WAN under Status>Interfaces? Is it a proper-looking public IP? What dhclient-related logs do you have, under Status>System logs, System and/or DHCP tabs (dhclient only, not dhcpd)?

    The most common reason for the circumstance described is your modem losing connectivity to your provider, and it being one of them that hands out its own private IP DHCP leases when it loses upstream connectivity.

  • Yes, it happened again a few hours ago.  Now every 12 hours or less.  I do indeed have a DHCP address on the WAN side.  I am going to change VPN servers, and if that doesn't work, try to remove the VPN completely and go back to a plain vanilla firewall.

  • Is it a public IP on WAN? e.g. not 192.168.x.x, 10.x.x.x, 172.16.x.x-172.31.x.x.

  • Public in the 70.x.x.x range.

  • Do you have a proper default route under Diag>Routes at the time? Can you ping that gateway IP? If so, what does a traceroute to something on the Internet look like when it's an issue?

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