Cant login to webGUI

  • Hi All,

    I don't know what's wrong with my box, it's suppose to be a walk in the park. I've preconfigured pfsense before going to our remote office, I reset everything to factory defaults since the original configuration is not working but when I tried to login to the GUI using admin:pfsense I can't login, but I can login to the console using root:pfsense, I even reset the webconfigurator password in the console for it to use the default and even rebooted the firewall and workstation to no avail, I always get a protected object error.

    Any idea?



  • IP-Adress conflict on network and you are hitting something else but not the pfsense? I  have not yet seen the message that you describe on a pfsense system. Shut down the pfSense and try to login to that IP again. If you are still getting a login prompt there is some other form of live under that ip ;)

  • Protected object error?  I agree with Holger, it sounds like you aren't actually hitting pfSense. An authentication failure on pfSense will come back with "You must enter valid credentials to access this resource." and nothing more.

  • my mistake, i didn't notice that i used the wrong interface for the LAN interface that is why I can't login, I can now login. I have another problem though, I think I have to open a new topic for that.

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