• Dear all,

    I'm discovering pfsense and in particular ppoe server of pfsense as I need to implement PPOE authentication in an ISP environnement as my case studies.

    So I set pfsense and configured ppoe server with radius authentication and set up a dslam to it.

    Then I created PPOE VPN rules and outbound rules to allow connection from ppoe clients to WAN and keep the WAN adress that I assigned to it.

    But now, I can't make WAN IP of my ppoe clients reachable from outside pfsense : I can reach the BGP but not more !

    I see that if I create a vitual IP on WAN interface with the IP that I assigned to ppoe clients as WAN, and then I delete it works for a moment.

    My configuration is in that environment :

    2 x IPS  => BGP => pfsense => DSLAM => ppoe client

    I configured ppoe server on the WAN interface of pfsense.

    So what I missed in my configuration ?

    If anyone have successfully implemented a similar environment and can advice me I would greatfull .

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards

    P.S : Sorry fro my english :-[

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