Setting up this VPN network

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    I want to setup this complex OpenVPN network with subnets. I am NOT using pfSense with this.

    (All public WAN IPs are made up)

    As you can see, I have one tunnel (10.10.10.x) with several subnets (172.16.x.y). I should be able to access all the subnets BUT they should not be able to access each other. The NIC 1 on each of those should not matter (we also know that NO network has 172.16.x.y internally as their LAN).

    Everything in blue (plus the other two routers, just didn't put a blue circle so the drawing wont get crowded) has a OpenVPN client on it and is connected to the server.

    The connection to and from the clients to the server is OK and working. Now I need to know how I can setup ccds to split the network and route my clients to use the VPN to reach those 172.16.x.y networks.

    Im using Webmin to do all of this.

    How can I do it?

    Thank you

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