Dual WAN/Load Balance/Failover …. can't connect to FTP Server?

  • I'm trying from my pfSense network to connect to a FTP server on the internet and no matter what server I try… it times out! I didn't have this problem before I setup the Dual WAN setup so I suspect that's what is causing the issue.

    Alright so here is some background on the network setup:
    -WAN: Intel Pro 1000 (em based): 10Mb/1Mb Cable Internet Line
    -WAN2: 1 Realtek 10/100 (rl based): 8Mb/768Kb ADSL Line
    -LAN: Intel Pro 1000 (em based): Goes out to Netgear 24 Port Switch
    -Most devices are connected via wireless, maximum of around 37 devices, ~8 hardwired, rest are WiFi
    -Three DD-WRT based WAPs are placed throughout the building that are wired to switch
    -pfSense box specs: Celeron 1.2GHz, 384MB RAM (~30% Usage), 20GB HDD (<1% Usage), 0% Swap Usage
    -Load balanced and Failovers
    -UPnP Enabled
    -pfSense 1.2RC-4
    -State Table Size: 866/30,000
    -MBUF Usage: 516/1035

    I've created a LAN interface rule that any TCP/UDP FTP traffic originating from the LAN Subnet uses WAN2 and fails over to WAN1. But no luck. Any ideas?

    • enable the ftp helper at interfaces>lan
    • create a rule at firewall>rules, lan: pass any protocol, any source to destination, gateway default
    • save, apply
    • diagnostices>states, reset states

    ftp will work now.

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