Stge0 2 link states coalesced

  • Brand new install. only basic made no changes.
    It really made my network FLY !!!
    Past few mornings I wake up to limited network connection and when looking at PFsense routher
    I see stge0 2 link states coalesced . and have to reboot PFsense.

    Do I need to make changes  to setup ?
    I Love the way it runs..

  • that means it lost and regained link very quickly, too quickly for it to log down and up. Probably a NIC or driver issue, or possibly an issue with a cable or switch port it's plugged into. Assuming you're on 2.1.5, 2.2 probably would behave better if it's a driver issue since that's a relatively new driver (or was at the time of the base OS in 2.1x versions).

  • new install
    2.1.5-RELEASE (i386)
    built on Mon Aug 25 07:44:26 EDT 2014
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p16

    Dell optiplex GX 270
    st-1023 gigabit ethernet cards

    Disabled onboard nic
    on install it shows stage 0 and 1 …... Sundance ST-1023 Gigabit Ethernet

    also seeing this in log
    kernel: ZFS WARNING: Recommended minimum kmem_size is 512MB; expect unstable behavior.

    trying to find where to change.

    Thanks for Help..

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