Squid reverse proxy / domaine question

  • Using 2.1.5-RELEASE (amd64)

    Hi guys,

    I have a domain name EXAMPLE.COM

    EXAMPLE.COM has custom nameserver pointing to an external hosting

    I was wondering the following:

    If I make a CNAME PFSENSE.EXAMPLE.COM pointing to the IP of my pfSense server

    And then configure pfsense.example.com as a host, configure mappings, etc.

    Would this work ?

    Because right now it does not, and I'm wondering why.

    I'm starting to wonder if host EXAMPLE's DNS have to point to pfSense.

    But then I would loose the website and email hosting !

  • If you control DNS for example.com, then you should be able to create an A record for pfsense.example.com with your pfsense WAN IP address:

    pfsense    IN  A    your.pfsense.WAN.IP

    A CNAME is just an alias to an existing A record.

  • The reason for the CNAME is because I'm pointing  PFSENSE.EXAMPLE.COM to a dynamic NO-IP host…

    Sorry I should have mentioned that !

    But basically it's the same end result.

    I'm pointing PFSENSE.EXAMPLE.COM to my pfSense server IP.

    Then configured the reverse proxy as described above.

    And it does not work.

    Any idea why?

  • I assume you've made an error somewhere.  However, without ANY information other than what you've provided, I have no idea what you've done.  What domain are we talking about here?  PM it to me if you don't want it made public.

  • I did PM KOM and for what he said, my config should be good.

    I did a lot of messing around and finally was able to make it partially work.

    In my cPanel configuration I made tree DNS ZONES

    for example :


    All of them are A RECORDS with the IP of my pfSense server.

    For some reason, only a.MyDomain.com will work.

    The two others won't.

    The a.MyDomain.com points to an HTTPS port. The two others to a HTTP port.
    Of course both protocols have been enabled in the Reverse Proxy general configuration.

    In the "Real Time" tabs, I do see when I type in from an external network the requests for a.MyDomain.com

    But i don't see anything when it is for b.MyDomain.com or c.MyDomain.com

    So my guess is: when someone types it in a browser, it doesn't even get to pfSense.

    But I don't understand why because all three DNS ZONES are perfectly identical!!!

    Any idea?

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