Unlimited Write CF?

  • I am wondering if anyone knows if there are any non-flash based CF interface cards currently available.  The newer ALIX boards have a bit more horsepower than their predecessors did.  It seems that all that is missing to make a (simple) package compatible small foot print very low power pfSense box is a good storage option.  Even the best flash based CFs have a pretty short lifespan when used as a live disk and I have had seen very mixed results with people trying to use CF platter based hard drives (Microdrive) apparently because they are not designed for a 100% duty cycle.

    I have yet to see a good fanless system in a standard form factor that can support an IDE hard drive and yet draw < 20 watts.  Any ideas?


  • There are "CF"-cards which have about the same read/write cycles as harddisks - so called solid state disks.

    There are a little more expensive than normal CF cards but I think they would work.

    On the other hand, probably a normal CF card would work to, as official write cycles are usually very conservative calculated (probably they do 100x or 1000x more cycles).

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