IGMP sourced from WAN on in logs

  • Hi All,
      I have block bogon networks enabled and in my firewall logs i see the following appear every 2 minutes:-

    Dec 19 09:04:07 WAN IGMP

    Looks like multicast traffic but i don't understand why its coming from the WAN side and every 2 minutes. I have Sky HD box which has an on demand service (on the LAN) and i thought it was that initiating a connection and this was the reply, but even when its been disconnected for several hours i still see these messages.

    Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    I am also seeing these IGMP blocks and have been wondering what to do.

    In my case, instead of I have as the (wan) source. Destination is the same.

    Anyone have any ideas what we can do or should do?


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