VPN type selection

  • Hi,

    I just build an embedded pfsense system with WAN/LAN/DMZ and it's working like a charm!

    I also want to use the vpn capability of pfsense to be able to connect to my LAN from anywhere but I'm having a hard time choosing between IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN.  I need good security/encryption but I'm not totally crazy about it so no need for anything uber secure.

    Something that Windows XP/Vista and Linux could connect to easily is a plus.

    I was heading with PPTP but I'm not certain about security…can onyone give some input please ?

    Keep up the good work with pfsense, it's awesome!

  • OpenVPN
    All the way.

    I dont know much about PPTP.
    IPSEC with pfSense has the problem that you cannot connect to it from behind a NAT device (at least site-to-site).

    A Public Key Infrastructure is pretty secure.
    Read the threads here that describe how to setup OpenVPN.
    It works on almost all systems.

  • Here's a nice tutorial, at least for windows clients:  http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,7840.0.html

  • ok great, after some research PPTP is not really secure and I need access from NATed client.

    OpenVPN is configured and working fine!

    Thanks a lot! ;)

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