• Goodday,

    I'm not able to use the WOL service properly with only mac adress.

    When using following command "/usr/local/bin/wol -i -p 9 00:25:66:CO:F7:AA" i'm able to see the magic package on the other host.

    But when only using mac the package isn't received, firewall rules are added to forward port 9 to host (but it's only trough LAN)

    I known for sure that my ISP is blocking everything under port 1000, but since the package shouldn't be send trough my WAN interface and since I will make use of the pfsense interface to boot all machines..

    Also deleted records in ARP table and did a refresh, the mac is also listed on the .201 host when using arp -a, also resolved in ARP table

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Allright seems it fixed now..

    Created a static lease for that server since it was required anyway.

    I'm able to monitor the packages now.